*”A venture through a thorny dream”collaborative, Edinburgh

“VTATD- Edinburgh collaborative” 14 – 18th February 2011 – Kevin Green, Yorgos Loizos, Augustus Veinoglou

“VTATD – Edinburgh” structure was inspired by the s.court’s acoustic resonances and architecture. Access to the structure was from the front left side and would bring the viewer in proximity to the scaled down model of the sculpture court and the space which was designed to encase it. Through an obscure cranny on the back of the structure one would elevate beyond the normal viewing point and have a “rooftop” glance of the sculpture court and the rest of the work which were on exhibit. The structure was erected in three days (14th – 16th February) and stayed on display until the 18th.

materials used: (insulation foam boards, polyurethane, timber, clay, plaster, cardboard, acrylic paint)

Thanks to: Kingspan insulation for sponsoring us with their Kingspan therma products, Photis Milionis and Yorgos Loizos for photographing the work and the artists who participated at B.Y.O.B, Edinburgh and the crit on Wednesday the 16th.


Film photos, P.Milionis, Y. Loizos.

digital images:


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