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Actress: Jessica Kirkpatrick

Concepts: Urban & material expansion, metamorphosis, dreams, narrative


“ I was lying still for a moment, a standing breathing shadow, floating

inside the room. Space, encapsulated the visceral and mental landscapes of the

southern periphery, the place of my origin.

The view from the window initiated a series of primary thoughts that

prolonged the distance from the remembered roadside wastelands of the nightly


The room resembled the cabin of my car. Sterile and cold, it protruded

these thoughts as the expanding growths of a premature city.

I could almost project the room as a traveling capsule. A place offering

me the possibility to explore and slip away in the reminiscence of a wasteland

fantasy, I felt I was becoming the pilot of the enclosed cabin, a pilot without

the need of physical navigational controls.

The lights flickered again. This time, echoed slightly shorter but louder.

The plastic flooring, clattered slightly as I stepped in. The pebble like

corners of the cubical room revealed it’s cathartic purpose.

As I stepped inside, I though that my consequent bodily transition from an

entirely open space to a more confined and finally to a smaller, propelled a

mending operation, concluded by the total enclosure into the single person

cabin. For a moment the opaque colors of the capsule-room reminded me of the

unflustered textures of warm sandy beaches or that of the hue of anemic volcanic


Very often, while I’d be on my way up, I would encounter a pile of

colorful rubbish. it was difficult to tell where it was coming from..

Some times, bigger bits of that mysterious debris reminded me of the

familiar structures of warned out roadside pseudo-structures, or of the

countless incomplete concrete buildings I’d see outside my car window.

This inexplicable mess, made me think the animated expanding urban

developments of the suburbia of the southern periphery, an exuberant mess, a

city-creature that would eventually reach the sea and storm its undiluted shores

with it’s frantic convoluted material chaos.

There was an unconfined sensation of claustrophobia, embedded in the

dimmed out space. The dark carpeted corridors seemed to have the ability of

sucking the light from the fragile artificial sources.

The narrowness of the space gave me the impression that my ascend could

have also been as well as a descend, a one-way characterless artery, a

suspended, encased tube system leading to my secret vessel.

I hastily, passed the cresting corridor intersection and entered the

northernmost artery, in the far right of the narrow, the room-capsule was there,

it’s characterless door lighted slightly bluish under the emerging vertical rays

of a ceiling spotlight.

The pressure was erratic. By closing my eyes I could feel my heart

pounding, It’s pulses, reaching, my forehead then my temples. I placed my

fingers softly on them and massaged my veins..The rest of my palm covered my

ears and for as long as I stood there I heard the relieving sound of the falling

water being filtered through the scrambling of my palm on my outer ear. My hand

resembled a somewhat living, and intelligent shutter that opened to well

calculated times, in order to receive the mending vertical gusts and then close

again so as it’s use for that still interval was uncompromisingly necessary.

I stepped out with the blue towel around my waist, still water dripping

down on me, the dimmed colors of the room appeared hazy blue, the view from the

vertical chromium blinds appeared sepia colored and fantastically lightened up.

The wrinkled up duvet was peculiarly white under the bed lamp light, admitting

on a welcoming contact. After I wiped my self with the towel and wore some clean

underwear, I sat down on the bed seats relieved and calmed down. The sepia dark

low clouds, formed a protecting shield over the enclosed neighborhood I could

now view clearly from the centre of the room. As a matter of fact I could now

see more than any other night, that was the property of that night sky (city


Reluctantly I entered under the bed sheets, although I felt tired, the

unclear picture of the melancholic day extinguished under the mending properties

of the beige shower room or that of the closing daily time spam, both

conclusions struck me as an unescapable mystery.

The day reached it’s outermost edge as the sky on the northern part, gave the

possibility for some lucky guessing”…

And then I slept,”

Augustus Veinoglou


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