“Encephalon”, assessment day

Before the assessment…Friday 13th May. – 4:00

I’ll be allowed to go back to the sculpture court after the 25th of May and continue working. The piece needs to be plaster boarded outside and painted. Painted and textured on the interiors. These are pictures of how the piece is left for assessment. I provided explanatory notes on each space which describes how each space is going to be changed. Texture samples were provided. Skylight portholes will be opened in the room of the illicit drives – dark room. Amendments and alterations, both woodwork and painting will take place.

At this point I’d like to help everyone who helped. Thanks to Lauren, Alex, Kim, Despina, Gregor, David, Malcolm, Simone, Douglas and all those who sustained the noise and the dust waves.  But  this isn’t the end.. Follow up for developments on the project..

I am also developing a limited edition book at the moment with a limited edition screen-print, poster incorporated to it. Additional information will be provided in the following couple of days. Have a peak later on. for now have a look at the screen-print trace.




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