esw bursary 2012. beyond Snehta | artists 3

I am currently looking at Felix Schram who seems to capture very well removal as a mean of making space through re-appropriating readymades. something taught in Cappadocia. old or used vs (new pristine space), one inside the other or vice versa.

pristine object (specially manufactured presented in dingy spaces)

perhaps small experiments could start out with furniture’s and other objects. Intersecting them. Changing them.

Pictures of religious items to be inspired by.

Interesting work by artist Lida Abdul

Space of Fear – recreating the spacial dynamics of space in miniature. Cappadocia 2011, Babayan residency

Turning the old building into a space for mourning.


Looking at Salle de Departs – hospital morgue 

hospital morgue near paris a space where one could look at their loved ones before burial.

“We are born in the clinic and die in the hospital”

David Lang – Départs from David on Vimeo.

Some initial sketches of how I initially imagined the space of the old building

all dug up with wooden gangways on top of the ruble allowing the audience to venture around the space, hole in the middle.

“the ditch” a door system


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