Augustus Veinoglou



26 Newington Road

EH9 1QS, Edinburgh, UK



Nationality: Hellenic



2009-2011. Edinburgh College of Art, MFA in Sculpture

2005-2008. Athens School of Fine Arts (Certificate of Equivalence and Correspondence with the undergraduate fine Art degree of Athens School of Fine Art.)

Classes attended: Art teaching, Psychology of Education, pedagogy, history of Art, history of Architecture.

2000-2004. Edinburgh College of Art, BA (Honours) in Sculpture

2003. Esti Kunstiacademia, Tallinn, Dep. Interdisciplinary Arts. (Exchange)



2010. Andrew Grant Scholarship, Edinburgh College of Art

2010. Andrew Grant bequest, Edinburgh College of Art

2004. John Kinross Scholarship, Royal Scottish Academy, Research trip in Florence. Italy

2000. Distinction in Art and Design, Athens College.



2010. Teaching Assistant, Edinburgh College of Art, 3rd Year, Sculpture, tutor: Anne Bevan

2008. Teaching: Contemporary Art, Moraitis high school, Athens, Greece

2007-2008. Teaching: Contemporary Sculpture, Adults teaching scheme HAEF. Athens College, Athens, Greece

2007. Training in Art Teaching. Athens college elementary school.

2006–2007. Served in the Hellenic navy

2004. Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts, (Sculpture).



(July – August 2011). Babayan culture house (1 month), Cappadocia, Turkey. (Personal development, set to explore the volcanic tufa dwellings)

2010-2011. Postgraduate exchange, Royal College of Art & Edinburgh College of Art collaboration, London, Edinburgh (7 days)

2010. Gallery Kourd, residency, (1 month) Poros, Greece

2010. John Mooney Foundation, (1 month) Chicago, U.S



2009. “Snehta”, the 1st Gazette, (sculpture, painting, drawing, photography) Kunstihoone gallery, (Tallinn Art Hall) Tallinn, Estonia. 23 April 2009.

2005. “End of Gray”, Photography, Athens College Library. 31st March 2005, Athens.



2011.”11″, 8th of June Edinburgh College of Art degree show  – piece; Encephalon

2011. “Bi-degrees”, Arts Complex, St. Margaret’s house. Edinburgh

2011.  “Salon”, Line & Candid International Curation,  Doubtfire gallery,Edinburgh

20011. B.Y.O.B, rsa & eca postgraduate exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art

2011. “a”, Richard Demarco archive, Craigcrook castle, Edinburgh

2011. “a”, WOT gallery, Edinburgh

2010. Kourd Gallery summer show. Poros island, Greece

2010. “The thrill and the dread”, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

2010. “Quotemarks”, Art’s Complex, St. Margarets house, Edinburgh

2010. “Escapade”, John David Mooney Foundation. Chicago, U.S

2009. “#”, ECA Fine Art Post graduate exhibition. Scuture Court, Edinburgh College of Art. Edinburgh

2009. “The human form in Art”, sculpture piece, ‘The untraveled’, Greek chamber of Fine Art, 21st December 09 – 24 January 2010, Tehnopolis, Gazi, Athens.

2009. “Weihnachtsausstellung”, relief works. 1.What happened to 5? , 2.“River stuff deposit” Haus Der Kunst St. Josef Solothurn, 12th December – 27th December 2009, Solothurn Switcherland.

2009. “A paler Shade of White”, participated with a sculpture piece > Snehta thematic unit, work name: ‘Woman of the Reeds’, Foundation of Luka and Euangellou Bellonia, Santorini, 8th August – 27th September, Thira, Santorini. GR

2009. “Sappho’s Chariot”, Greek contemporary Art, participated with 2 relief works (belonging to the Snehta thematic unit), Municipality of Poros, Syggros’ Hall, 1-20th August. Poros. GR

2008. “A preview of Snehta”, Relief and painting works ‘Marriage is Punishment for Shoplifting’, Scarborough, 2008, UK, August.

2007. ”Children Play and the River Town”, Installation, Mixed media, using existing objects from space, ‘Exhibition at the Municipal food market of Kypseli’, 31st February 2007, Athens.

2006. “The Fantastical vision of Antonis B”, ‘Penelope Delta’, Exhibition devoted to the national Greek writer. Clay sculpture. November 2006, Athens.

2006. “Time Warp”, ‘Silent Majorities’, Bios, group show and theoretical discourse, mixed media Installation piece. October 3rd 2006, Athens.

2006. “Vehicle”, ‘SCULPTURE SCULPTURE’. ‘Gyfteikastika Arts-group’. Live performance. May 2006, Athens.

2006. “Speed of Connection”, ‘Pixeldance festival’, ‘Gyfteikastika Arts-group’, live performance, 12TH May 2006, Kodra ex-army camp, Thessaloniki. GR

2006. “Timoria”, live performance and installation, 2nd Video Art Festival. 9th April, 2006, Athens.

2004. “Praxis – anti Praxis”, Video Art Installation, Royal Scottish Academy. Edinburgh.

2004. “Good Luck”, Live performance “liturgy”, A Wee red bar event, 2004. Edinburgh.

2004. “Scaffolding” A Constant live performance on the Installation piece. 2004. Edinburgh College of Art. Degree show.

2003. “Greco”. Live Performance at the Saturnalia event. ”Embassy Gallery”, Edinburgh College of Art. 2003. December

2003. “The Game” First Live public appearance at Meistrite hoovi galerii or Art Courtyard Gallery, 3rd March, 2003, Tallinn.

2003. “The Horsie” 14th March, 2003, Meistrite hoovi galerii or Art Courtyard Gallery, Tallinn

2003. ‘Good Housekeeping event’, (a guide to contemporary art & what to do with it), Roxy Art House. Edinburgh. 2003.       Works:

1. “Lost family”. Installation in mixed media, plaster, ceramic, organic matter etc.

2. “Untitled” live performance “liturgy” using wine and bread.



2010. Art-Athina, Artaz pavilion.

2006. “Ceramed project” European commission 2006, Clay statuettes, exhibition in the Turkish Baths. Athens

2006. 15th May, “Re-Baptism”, A performance in dialogue with the ‘ceramed project’ European commission. Turkish Baths. Athens.

2005. “Shooting Europe” The European short film festival, Karlsruhe – Germany. Making the film awards.



2011. “Snehta” Project profile, Design Ecologies, intellect journals, No 1, issue 1  – (, University College London, pp.152,153 London. 2011

2007. From a Seaman’s scratch pad, article, Journal ‘HERMES’, No 20 (July- Sept), Athens, p: 37.

2007. Lack of Light, article, Journal ‘HERMES’, No 18 (Jan-March), Athens, pp: 40-1.

2006. Contemporary Art in Athens, article, Journal ‘HERMES’, No 14 (March), Athens, pp: 30-1.



Casting techniques – preparation for bronze, flexible & waste mould casting, bookbinding. Figurative sculpture, painting, screen-printing. (dark room, film development), Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, MS office.



Greek: native, English: fluent, French: basic



Offshore sailing, poetry & fiction, reading & writing, Role-playing games, guitar playing, traveling.


  1. Hi Augustus
    Wishing you all the best for the RSA Open show this evening – hope you sell some work!
    See you Friday!
    Warm Regards,

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