*”Yours Sincerely, An architect”- Chicago

Title of project: “Yours Sincerely, an Architect”, the essence of discovery.


Chicago city


“In the belly of an Architect”,

Below, “Lebbeus Woods”

below. Paul Delvaux, “The Awakening of the forest”, Art institute of Chicago


Sketches, key thoughts + vocabulary transferred from the Chicago diary: A.Veinoglou

Grid City, the loop, parallel streets(sketch.left&below), the chicago master plan, pre-physical discovery devices_in the airplane (sketch.centre,right), beginning & feeling of the discovery.


Dinosaur, scaffolding sustaining bone structure (sketch.4,5,6,below), scientific madness, the support of things,

-A dream of India…

Notions of the PSEUDO

Quotes copied from various information tabs of the Field museum in Chicago: A brittle comment, on dislocated archeology and the novel meanings it conveys to the already existing social and physical strata of the museum.

“Unis-ankh’s mummy would have been found here”

“our first president of Chicago brought this mummy to Chicago,

“Ancient tools + modern ones helped us construct a more complete view of Egypt”.

“Please enter the original chamber of Unis ank’s tomb”

…the meeting at the fake shrine (photo below)

– people throw coins in this fake to be real pseudo shrine, wish them good luck, faulty discovery, an obsession with Italian products, language and film.. never made it to Little Italy…, distant city, (is it the city they left or the city they go to), (sketch.4), there’s something interesting in the crossover of Clerk and Jackson boulevard,

Distances are shortened functions are being altered, objects are disconnected from their initial use, for everything around us that is mechanical and operated will be united to a buildings structure. (sketch.5),

Shed Aquarium Chicago, museum architecture, “the continual attempt  of the two Savannah side neck turtles to escape the bowl”, micro natures.




_Sketching the city.

the model of the novel architecture. (based on breaking up the verticality and the urban planing cohesion of the Chicago loop).


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