*The Abode & The wall

_Work title: “Abode”, eca. project space: 2.2.2010 / 200cm x 200cm x 250cm

_Materials: pink insulation boards, pigmented expanding foam, clear cast resin, wood, colored tapes, masking tape, cement, plaster, scrim, shellac.

_Keywordsretrofitting, adobe, Snehta, archeology, aquatic, periphery, heterotopias, Mediterranean city, architecture, modular,vessel, device, cyberpunk

poster for presentation, although initially, the project was named adobe: “clay house”


“The wall” piece, Quote Marks exhibit – 23rd April 2010 to 7th May 2010

note: Parts from the  abode were re-appropriated and turned into composites for a novel piece. St. Margaret house Edinburgh

280 x 100 x 130


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