The first Gazette

electrical supply, Lavrio. 08


Snehta (Athens written in reverse) or else, Narrow-town, is an ongoing project. My intention is to create a simulacrum of an organized urbanized world, in the specific case that of Athens. The material presented here are the offspring of my personal experience in the city of Athens and the intention isn’t to comprise the objective totality, but just my personal, emotional course within the bowels of the city and it’s surrounding areas.

The course of exploring the elements that comprise the distinct identity of the city in my ventures and its periphery has led me to the creation of specific artworks that inherit their material and psycho-geographical origin from the real world of exploration. (masking tape, cardboard, polyurethane, polystyrene and other kipple) dumped material (stuff) that can be found on the streets of Athens.

This project is primarily based on documentation and photography. Excursions outside the city have taken place intensely, I have been documenting a pro-urban area (it is exactly where the city is going to take over in the next ten or twenty years. This branch of Snehta is called “The Slipping Away” (from Snehta), it has been a rather purging venture for myself..

Snehta has to function as a “model”, a holistic system on its own that ought to draw the observer deep into its cul-de-sac’s and interior salons but also to it’s open free areas.

SNEHTA must give the observer a free and mystifying course towards the realm of truth through the instigation of curiosity and the ‘route’ of exploration…

I have divided this book and exhibition in a series of chapters – units which correspond to specific geographical areas of Snehta but also to specific time periods.


I . luck of Light

II. The man with the best set of eyes and his inventory of weird items

III. The Car

IV. Flat at the Hive

V. Little faith

VI. When they met/VII. The girl who never managed to leave the block

VIII. Girl leaning on bed

IX. The navy guard sketch-book & X. The naval district

XI. The glove factory and it’s accidents

XII. Slipping away


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