Snehta – Kunstihoone exhibition

April 2009, Tallinn,  Kunstihoone |

curator | Reet Varblane

“Snehta”, The first overture of Snehta to a public audience. The work comprised of photographs, drawings, masking tape reliefs and sketches of a two year study of Athens 2007 – 2009.  I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues for their support. Specially, Kaija Kesa, Riina Uisk, Eneken Maripuu, Iris Jurma, Gaute Debelak for their great horsie performance surprise as well as for their Augustus Ateenast project that run for the duration that the exhibition was open. I would also like to thank Jaan Toomik for his support and help, the Kuntihoone technical personnel and Reet Varblane for her experienced and masterful insight, help and support.



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